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I'm crazy about the adventure, sport, art, and science that is fishing.  


There's nothing I'd rather do than make memories and share my life and my faith in God while spending time on the water with my beautiful wife, son, family, friends, and new friends I meet along the way.


As a child I grew up in Andover, MN and was introduced to fishing through my Dad who had me out fishing with him while I was still in diapers.  I chased fish as much as possible around the Twin Cities metro area by foot or canoe or eventually a 14' boat from 1972 powered by only a trolling motor. 


Once I graduated high school I decided to head to UW-Stevens Point to major in Fisheries Management.   During my time in college and the years that followed I had the opportunity to work for the MN DNR as a fisheries intern across much of north central MN, along with taking as much time as I could muster to fish across Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Florida.


During college and the years that followed there were times I pretty much lived on the water much of the year for work and play.  In fact one summer I literally spent more of my nights (when I was off of work) literally sleeping on my boat on the water than in a bed, no joke. I love fishing, I love sharing it with others, and I can't get enough of it.  


I currently live, work, and fish in Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana.  Its a truly phenomenal multi species fishing frontier. 

I love fishing for everything that swims from bluegills to bull sharks and everything in between. I enjoy both conventional tackle and fly fishing and both open water and ice fishing.  While I lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin I most commonly targeted largemouth, muskie, and smallies.  I've also been to the Florida Keys on "DIY" style trips for 10 years and love targeting tarpon, shark, and barracuda. Now I predominately fish on Lake Sakakawea and Fort Peck and most often target smallmouth bass, walleye, and northern pike.  

"Fishcast" is a word my Dad and my fishing buddy from a very young age, Joe Blake, and I used to say every time we made a cast we were "certain" we would get a bite on! It stuck and many of my friends and I still call "fishcast!" every time we think we are for sure going to get a bite!


I look forward to fishing with you!


Josh Johnson

Pictures below include my dad and I when I was one year old, my buddy Joe Blake and I catching sunfish in "the pond", good college friends of mine, group shot of one of the many epic "Point Break" trips to the Florida Keys, pic with Ron Lindner and Cody from one of the "Point Break" trips also, and my wife outfishing me (like normal), and my son and I spending time together on the water.

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