I am licensed and insured to guide professionally in the state of North Dakota and I am working to get licensed in Montana to guide on Fort Peck during 2021 as well (but I cannot book any trips on Fort Peck until I have my license).
Standard trips are for 1-2 people. I do make exceptions  at times for up to 3-4 people (mostly for families of 3-4) but we would talk about it ahead of time to see if that size of group would work well for your preferred trip or not.
To reserve your spot a $200 deposit is required.  If you have to cancel for some reason it must be more than 30 days before your trip in order to get your deposit refunded.
What you get guaranteed with every guided fishing trip: a fun adventure, quality equipment, bait/lures, safety gear, education about the fish/the lake/patterning the fish, understanding sonar/electronics, rigging, quality photos/video of your catch, a cooler full of water, soft drinks, and snacks, and if you would like assistance cleaning fish I can do that as well.  Something I can't guarantee: catching giant fish or limits of fish every time. However, with some persistence most days turn into very memorable fish catching days as well! 
All  you need to bring is a fishing license (for ages 16 and above in ND), sunglasses/sunscreen, appropriate clothing for the weather, and I'd always recommend rain gear no matter the forecast.  Also, the snacks and drinks I provide usually can get people through a day of fishing but if you'd like more you can pack a lunch with as well.
I don't cancel trips for bad weather, because there is usually always bays etc we can find to safely fish in.  However, if there is ever lightning we sit it out on shore or at the boat launch.  If winds are sustained at 20 mph or higher it will often limit areas we can safely fish and our ability to cover as much water.  If the forecast the day prior to the trip shows sustained winds of 20 mph plus I will explain what fishing might look like in that particular situation and allow you the option to either fish or cancel and get a full refund if you do.
I practice selective harvest on my boat (for example releasing large fish).  Sakakawea and the other waters I fish are some of the very best multi species waters in the world.  It takes many years to grow big fish and the size structure of fish in a system can be impacted adversely by angler harvest.  If you would like fish to bring home and eat that is fantastic and I would encourage that but we would harvest from the more plentiful smaller to mid size fish and release the bigger/older fish to remain in the system.
I look forward to fishing with you!