Fishing on
Lake Sakakawea
(total not per person)
(7-8 hrs dock to dock)
or $425/half day*
(total not per person)
(4 hrs dock to dock)
Standard trips are for 1-2 people.  I do make exceptions  at times for up to 3-4 people (mostly this is for families of 3-4) but we would talk about what kind of trip you are interested in to see if that size of group would work well or not.  There is a $200 deposit required for all trips.

*There are short windows during the year that offer particularly exceptional fishing opportunities in which I do custom rates and trip durations. When you are booking I'd let you know up front if that was the situation, otherwise my rates are as listed above.  
I am licensed and insured to guide professionally in the state of North Dakota.  I'm working to get licensed to guide on Fort Peck in 2021, however, I can NOT do guide trips until I am.  If you are interested in learning about when those opportunities will be available feel free to contact me.

Trips could involve specifically targeting a certain species such as smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, or white bass etc. Or we could take more of a multi species/whatever is biting best approach.  We could target fish primarily by casting artificial lures, or with bait, or even by fly fishing depending on whats working best and personal preferences.  We practice selective harvest at all times.  If you would like fish to bring back and eat that is great, however, we only harvest smaller to medium size fish.  If you have any questions about this I'd love to answer any questions you may have.

I predominantly fish the western half of Sakakawea. Launches I frequent include Lewis and Clark State Park, Lunds Landing, Tobacco Gardens, Beaver Bay, White Earth Bay, Sanish Bay, Four Bears Casino, Pouch Point, and Deepwater Bay.  
Seasonally various bites and locations come and go so contact me and let me know your interests and we will figure out a trip for you!

I look forward to fishing with you!

-Josh Johnson